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Overview of Our Help Center

The Contract Sent Help Center is designed to help you get up and running quickly in your own time. We’ve built and designed a contract management software tool for startups. We know that you know your way about a new piece of software and we just want to get out of your way.

1. Looking for further help? We like to make it as easy as possible. Jump on our live chat, if it’s something outside of the ordinary that can’t be answered in a couple of sentences we’ll just on a quick call with you to make life easy. Contract management is boring and tedious as it is so we want to make contract management software that is at least easy to use
and easy to learn.

2. We’ll be working away to deliver you more and more features as we grow. If there’s something you love then we’d love you to let a friend know.
If there’s something you don’t love or would like let us know on live chat
and we’ll get on it. The Contract Sent help center is your first port
of call but we promise we have humans here too.

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