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Contract management software pricing for startups

Simple contract management software pricing, because contracts are complex enough. We don’t want you to have to watch at demo before knowing the cost, if you have any questions just ask!


Pricing for startups

Get your contract management under control early without breaking the bank!

Free Forever

For companies just starting out


/ month

1 Customer Per Month

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Contract Comparisons

Contract Version Control

Tasks For Approval


Get your contract management in order early. Close deals faster and save time on contract reviews.


/ month

5 Customers per month

Everything in the Free Forever Plan

Automated MRR Waterfall

Contract Repository

Contract Metrics Tracking

Scale up

Get your legal function humming.


/ month

20 Customers per month

Everything in the Startup Plan

Google Drive & Sharepoint Integration

AI Contract Data Extraction

All pricing is in USD and does not include any applicable taxes that may apply.

You have my attention, what else is there? I have to justify this budget to someone

User types for sales teams, legal teams and commercial decision makers

Set your whole team up for collaboration. Unlimited users means you don’t have to worry about per license costs growing as your team does. Invite your team and assign roles so you can delegate work where needed.

Unlimited contract tasks so you can raise and discuss issues

Use tasks to manage your workflow and assign both work and requests for acceptance for the change of clauses during redlines.

Track contract versioning and see work audit trails

For every customer see the different versions of contracts that have been worked on clearly and easily. Track when new customers or contracts have been created and when tasks have been assigned and completed.

Advanced contract comparisons, share privately with private URLs and save marked up copies

Compare and contrast contract versions quickly and easily. Switch between formatting and word changes and search for particular changes. Use a private URL to share comparisons of documents.

Repository for your standard contracts

Keep all of your standard contracts in one place and use them as your base contracts for your negotiations. Assign contracts to customers and compare your original contract to the final version before signing. See how many customers have used your standard contracts at anytime.

Dashboards for sales leaders

Quickly see where all of your contract negotiations are sitting so you’re no longer in the dark with ‘it’s with legal’. Use your dashboard view to assign resources to the deals that you have to close this quarter.

Contract Management Software Pricing For StartUps

We’ve build our pricing with startups in mind. A lot of startups we’ve worked in put contract management in place too far down their growth path which causes a headache. With cheaper pricing we want companies to get started early and scale faster.

Want more??? How about we get you set up too?

| Have your contracts broken down and information extracted

| Transform PDFs and Word Docs into spreadsheets

| Custom pricing for number of contracts

Contract Tracking Set Up

| Extract start and end dates

| Extract ARR and one off services

| Extract liability caps

| Extract jurisdiction

| Extract termination for convenience

| Hundreds of pages of contracts returned in digestible spreadsheet format

| Uploaded into your Contract Sent account