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Southern Cross Investment and Contract Sent

Southern Cross & Contract Sent

Southern Cross manages contracts and contract changes with their investors on Contract Sent to keep all of their details easy to find and ensure that a signed copy of all investments is a couple of clicks away at all times.

Southern Cross is managing investments across Europe with Contract Sent

Every dollar invested in Southern Cross in Europe needs to be meticulously managed and contracted. With customers from all over Europe Southern Cross needs to have a bullet proof contract management system to keep up with the reporting and documentation needs of the business. A Google Drive folder wasn’t cutting it but Contract Sent does.

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What’s next for Southern Cross?

Southern Cross is expanding in the EU rapidly and that means more contracts to manage.

  1. Starting with Contract Sent’s AI platform
    Southern Cross is getting up and running on Contract Sent’s AI feature to search contracts.
  2. Using our signing integration to make things easier
    Sending contracts straight from Contract Sent will make signing quicker and easier.
  3. Using the template library to move fast
    For the clients that need NDA’s Southern Cross is leveraging our contract template library.
  4. Inviting unlimited users
    As Southern Cross grows so does their team and they’ll be leveraging Contract Sent’s unlimited users.