Get a high level overview to know your next move

Your dashboard showing you what’s where

Your Contract Sent dashboard is your go to area for information about how your legal negotiations are going. It will allow you to have an overview of where all of your current contract negotiations are sitting as well as the pending tasks on each of them and a rolling timeline of the work that has been done. Let’s break down what sits where.

Customers – In Progress

This will give you an overview of the number of customer contract negotiations that are being worked on by your legal team. It will help you understand how close your legal team is to capacity with their current negotiations.

Pending – Our Legal

You’ll be able to have a quick look at, out of the total number of customers that are currently being managed in your legal negotiations how many of those are currently sitting with your legal team and adding to their workload.

Pending – Customer Legal

This will tell you, of the total number of customers that are currently in your legal pipeline, how many of those have been sent back to your customers and are sitting with them for action (meaning they are not taking up the resources of the your legal team).

ARR – With Legal

Knowing the total ARR that is currently in your legal pipeline being negotiated will give you an overview of the ARR that you can work to get closed faster by enabling your legal team or providing them with more resources. This number will include the total ARR of all customers that you have entered into Contract Sent except those that have been closed won.

Customers – Outline of all pending customers

Your dashboard will have a clear breakdown of each of the customers that are currently being worked by your legal team. The breakdown will include team members assigned, the date that the customer was created in Contract Sent, the anticipated close won date, what stage the negotiation is currently in as well as who the assigned sales person is.

You can drill down and view further detail but clicking on the name of the customer.


Tasks will show you a list of all current takes that have been assigned to customers. These tasks are what your team is working on as well as what they have escalated for approvel.