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Our Onboarding Bootcamp

Our Onboarding Bootcamps and delve into the world of Contract Sent. Our sessions,
conducted weekly by our expert team via Zoom, are tailored for Contract Sent users of all
proficiency levels – from those new to contract management to seasoned professionals.

*Q&A included.

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Contract Sent jumpstart

Designed to show you how all of Contract Sent’s features work together. Get started fast.

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🕛 45 Minutes

Contract Team Communication

Join a master class on how to set up your sales, legal and leadership teams for faster deals.

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Templates and Scaling

Learn how to harness templates for contract scaling while still giving customers flexibility.

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Tracking contract data

Understand contract data and how this can be extracted to build reports for your team to grow.

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Past Webinars

Checkout our this past webinars uploaded in our Youtube channel for our audience.

Contract Negotiation Master Class

Learn how to negotiation B2B sales contracts with enterprise customers like a pro.

What is Termination for Convenience?

Understand what termination for convenience is & how to negotiate it.

How to Standardize The Contract Process

Learn the in’s and out’s of scaling your contract management and avoid manual work.

Introduction To Contracts For Founders

Get to know the difference between a liability clause and a statement of work in this basics webinar.

Communication For Better Contracting

Get the end of your sales pipeline humming with better end of quarter communication.

Contracts At Different Startup Stages

See how startups mature their contracting processes to match their growth stage.

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