SaaS Contract Management Tool

Software as a service contracts come with specific challenges. Get your SaaS contract management right & your sales cycle will be humming.

Build a faster sales pipeline by managing your legal negotiations.

Software as a service contracts are notoriously difficult when you first start out. Understanding the back and forth of contract negotiations with enterprise customers is hard even with the guidance of a legal professional. Contract Sent is a SaaS contract management tool that gets you set up with oversight of the startup legal process and clear communication of where responsibility sits so you can spend more time understanding the commercial decisions and less time understanding who is responsible for the legal part of the sales cycle.

Overview of where your SaaS legal process is slow to speed it up

Contract Sent rolls your contract negotiations into an easy to read dashboard.

Understand the roadblocks in your SaaS contracting

Find our what is slowing down your legal procurement process with tracking of stages

Tracking liability of your SaaS contracts to help manage risk

Keep track of one of the largest risk factors in contracts, liability, easily and quickly

Create contract templates is easy, negotiating is not

Save your base contracts and track how much and when you deviate from them with clients

SaaS Contract Management tool

We make Contract Negotiation and SaaS Contract Management Easy

Contract Sent has been created by people who know that having a tool in place for the automatic generation of contracts is not hard to do but the messy part is when you try to negotiate with enterprise customers.

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Who is using our SaaS Contract Management Tool?

Contract Sent looks to set the stage for early SaaS companies to build and scale from. Getting your contract tracking and data organized early will help you make decisions and put your resources in the right place at the right time.

Tapping into structured contract management allows the sales team to know what timeline they are working on for legal review and keep their forecast up to date.


Sales Teams


Having contract dashboards that show where all of the companies current contract negotiations are sitting will allow you to move resources to close important deals.


Chief Rev Officer

Using data

Half of the battle for the legal team is understanding use cases and what has changed between versions. Contract Sent solves both of these problems for you.


Legal Teams

Understand Context

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