Contract Data Extraction Service

Trapped in contract management hell? Don’t have a clear view of what your SaaS contracts look like? Don’t have the internal bandwidth to get contract tracking started?

contract data extraction

PDF and DOCX contracts broken down into actionable Excel format.

Let us quickly get your software as a service contracts broken down from a pile of thirty page MSA’s into quick spreadsheet outlines that you can use to update your other systems or run some simple, needed analysis. Contract data extraction without the pain.

contract data extraction service

Send us your contracts

Contact us below and within 24 hours we’ll provide you a secure folder to upload your contracts to. Confirm the data points you’d like extracted and it’s as simple as that.

PDF to Excel

Sit back and relax

Have a coffee, you deserve it. We’ll get to work extracting the data and getting this into a nicely formatted Excel file. Quick turnaround for as many contracts as you need.

contract data analysis

Get actionable data back

Your formatted data will be delivered in your inbox ready for you to get into some analysis. Use the data to structure your reports and drive action in your team.

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What’s included for my contract data extraction?

We’ll simplify things for you when contract management has become a bit of a nightmare with quick and easy contract data extraction

We take your PDF and Word document contracts and break the important clauses down for you, returning an easy to digest spreadsheet covering all of your customers details.

Cut Out Manual Work

Let us extract for you

Customer Name, Start/End Dates, Product lines, MRR and ARR, Liability Caps, Service level agreements, Logo use in marketing, Refund Policy, Data Retention

Data Points

Define data you want

Fast turnaround for us to extract the data and format it for you. We’ll provide you with an Excel file in return. Looking to get set up with Contract Sent? We’ll import contracts for you.

Structured Data

Excel/Contract Sent

Ready to get started?

Let us know how many contracts you have and the data points you want to extract from these, will get started immediately. Starting at 10 contracts for $150 USD. We aim to get things turned around within five business days, depending on number of contracts.

contract data extraction