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Contract Management Software For Startups

  1. Manage your B2B contract negotiations
  2. Extract and track all your contract data
  3. Automate your MRR Waterfall creation
tracking your legal negotiations at crunch time
contract tracking for startups

Contract Tracking

Extract the key points that have been negotiated in your contracts so you can easily access data.

manage contract negotiations for b2b startups

Manage Teams

Unlimited users to manage your legal, sales and negotiation process at end of quarter.

contract tracking reports for startups

Automate Reports

Automate the creation of your MRR Waterfall, quickly share this and your signed contracts with investors.

contract management software contract repository

Cut Out Searching

Cut out hours of manually searching for what you’ve agreed to with your enterprise customers.

Pricing for startups

Pricing without a 30min demo

50 Comparisons/month

20 Contracts/month

5 Contracts/month

Have More Contracts?

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Contract Management Software For Startups

We know tracking your B2B contract changes is hard. We know that you’re constantly having to reference long-form contracts for if they have a break clause and what their payment terms are.

It’s a nightmare having to constantly sift master service agreements that have been negotiated and customized. That’s why we focus on making the redlining process easier but the creation of structured contract data much easier.

We’re a talented group of creative individuals interested in art, cinematography, design, music, and all niches in between.

contract data dashboards


Manage end of quarter

Apply legal resources to the deals that need the most attention with a clear overview of ‘it’s with legal’.

contract comparison tool

Compare Versions

Advanced comparison

Avoid hearing about every change that’s been made in redlines, focus on the most important points.

structured contract data

Capture & Track

Build your core reports

Build your MRR Waterfall quickly and easily with structured data pulled from contracts.

Juggling closing sales is hard enough

Set yourself up with a clear overview of your procurement and legal negotiations.

  • Extract meaningful data from your contracts
  • Build reports from a source of truth
  • Cut down on the manual time your team spends looking for and through contracts
  • Replace tools like Trello and Planner with a tool made for the job
manage contract negotiations

Contract Sent your go-to Contract Management Software for startups!

Begin negotiating your first customer contract in just 5 minutes. Our software is tailored for companies gearing up to scale – efficient, user-friendly, and ready to support your growing business.