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Building a startup company is hard. We get it, we’re doing it as well. So you spend a lot of your time scrapping together as many resources as you possibly can, beg and borrow from those that have been there and done it before. It’s hard and exhausting. That’s why we didn’t want to just build a product that we sell. We wanted to take want we’d learned from building Contract Sent, the great people that we’ve met along the way and build this into a place that you can go for resources to build your company into the next unicorn. So what have we learned along the way?

Resources at Contract Sent
Geoffrey Gussis New York Tech Lawyer

From company formation to buying and selling businesses, legal representation for your business. More ->

Andrew S. Bosin SaaS Lawyer

Geoffrey Gussis

Software Attorney and SaaS Lawyer based in New Jersey outside New York City. Also an accomplished entrepreneur. More ->

Robert Donald Tech Attorney

Robert Donald

Results-oriented transactions attorney with business pragmatism built while serving as in-house counsel. More ->

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