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Making the Complexities of Contract Data Easy

Contract management and reporting doesn’t need to tough.

Building Data Structures Into Your Contract Management

Scaling a company is all about understanding how to shift the key processes and operations in your business to not only work more efficiently but also to create a structure to build other processes from.

Build a team that communicates

Collaborate on contracts to close faster.

Invite teams and clear up the ‘It’s with legal’ confusion. Manage your legal negotiation process for faster sales.

Manage your sales, legal team, Customer contracts all in one place

Structure your data as you close deals to grow smarter.

Move away from having important data on your customers trapped in PDF documents and create a source of truth.

Manage your contract volume

Use your number one source of truth to report.

Contract data is the clearest and most reliable source of data that your business has. Use it to quickly build insights.

software as a service contract data

Overview of where your SaaS legal process is slow to speed it up

Organize your team and resources for the end of month and end of quarter squeeze. Ensure your A-Team is working on the crunch deals to grow ARR.

getting the best out of your saas contracts

Tracking liability of your SaaS contracts to help manage risk

See where all of your legal negotiations for your sales contracts sit. Don’t let the legal redline process become a blackhole of delays.

tracking contract data

Your contracts drive your reporting with accurate data.

Quickly and easily use contract sent to automate the build of your ARR Waterfall and key company metrics with a few clicks.

Move your contract data into business insights with a few clicks!

ARR Waterfall

better saas msas

Contract KPIs

contract kpis

Key Metrics

contract metrics

Build More

Use formatted spreadsheet data to build more analysis for your business.

Get your contracts working for you today

Use the data in your contracts to quickly and easily build financial reports and drive your business growth.