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Scoop Analytics & Contract Sent

Discover how Scoop Analytics saves time on contract review for every new customer and never misses a renewal by keeping track of their contract data with Contract Sent.

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Scoop Analytics is scaling their sales

With a great product built and a funding round under their belt Scoop is building out a replicable sales model. Each customer comes with its own challenges and the turnaround time of closing deals was being hurt by constant review of contract changes. With Contract Sent’s contract comparison feature things are a lot faster. One click shows everything that’s changed making review minutes instead of hours.

Contract Sent Integrations

What’s next for Scoop?

Scoop’s now starting to leverage Contract Sent’s feature set and integrations as they scale.

  1. Using dashboards to close deals on time
    Scoop has an overview of all contract negotiations and applies their time to closing important deals.
  2. Tracking contract details to de-risk
    Tracking clauses like termination for convenience and liability is helping to de-risk as they grow.
  3. Using the template library to move fast
    There’s a lot of both legal and financial templates that help Scoop move fast as they grow.
  4. Leveraging integrations to surface info
    Scoop is one of the first users of Contract Sent’s Hubspot integration so all their contract data is in one place.