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Better Contract Tracking Software Built For Startups

Building legal process into your sales flow has specific challenges for startup companies. We’ve built contract tracking software to help build structured contract data, report your ARR reliably and use contracts as an easy to reference source of truth.

contract tracking for startups

Contract Sent is for teams preparing to scale.

Speeding up your contract procurement cycle will help you close deals faster. Building a data set off your contracts means that you can rely on it as a source of truth. To do this you need contract tracking software that is built for startups.

Manage your legal team

Organize your team and resources for the end of month and end of quarter squeeze. Ensure your A-Team is working on the crunch deals to grow ARR.

Overview of contracts

See where all of your legal negotiations for your sales contracts sit. Don’t let the legal redline process become a blackhole of delays.

A reliable data set

Build your data from the most reliable data set there is, signed contracts. Don’t let this valuable data get trapped in documents and PDFs that are pages long.

Quickly build reports

Take your contract data and drop it into a simple and easy to use template to drive your reporting. Automatically create ARR and metrics tracking.

tracking your legal negotiations at crunch time

Move from ‘its with legal’ to signed

Contract Tracking Software

Build your legal ops process to scale

Set up your legal function with as much rigor as you do your sales pipeline.

Track contracts that are in negotiation, the key points that are being negotiated and where the bottle necks are.

Contract Sent allows you to manage your contract negotiation process with assigned roles, tasks and timelines. Use your contract repository to manage your standard contracts and track negotiated variations. Your contract dashboard will give you a clear overview of your negotiations at all times so you can see how much revenue is sitting in negotiation and what levers you can pull to get deals closed.

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Overview of contract roadblocks to speed up your sales pipeline

Having an overview of where your contracts sit at all times and who is working on them will put a spotlight on what’s holding up negotiations, what the roadblocks are and how long contracts are taking to get though the final steps of the sales pipeline. Faster sales negotiations will dramatically improve your growth.

Contract Tracking Software

Contract tracking tool for change tracking

Track where all of your B2B SaaS contract negotiations have deviated from your standard contract template. Track differences in contract liability caps, whether you’re working with your standard contract or the customers. Understand when things will be signed by and drill down on progress by customer.

Understand where each and everyone one of your contracts are in the contract negotiation cycle. Understand whether your team is lacking legal resources or if the champion purchasing your product needs to be followed up with. Keep a clear view of what is in the legal pipeline, what your team is managing and put a spotlight on the part of your sales cycle that’s most likely to slow things down with better contract tracking.

contract data extraction

B2B SaaS contract comparison tool

Deep dive into full comparisons to understand all of the changes that have been made during the startup contract negotiation process. Let our tool do the hard work for you.

Contract data tracking

Contract Tracking Software To Reduce Manual Work

For startups navigating the labyrinth of closing deals while juggling contract the importance of using contract tracking software cannot be overstated. Contract tracking plays a role in allowing you to scale your business in a way that improves every function. Streamlining and organizing the often intricate web of contractual agreements that startups must manage will outgrow a spreadsheet quickly.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Startups are known for moving fast and breaking things. Contract Sent’s contract tracking software automates the process of monitoring, managing, and renewing contracts, saving your time that can be redirected towards core business activities. This efficiency ensures that contractual obligations are met promptly and deadlines are not missed.

Risk Mitigation Now & Tomorrow

Contracts are legal documents that carry inherent risks. Contract tracking software provides startups with the ability to have overview of and mitigate risks associated with contracts. By ensuring compliance and identifying potential risks in real-time, startups can proactively address issues before they escalate, protecting the company from legal complications.

Cost Reduction On Legal & Data

Manual contract management is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Mistakes in contract interpretation or missed renewal dates can result in financial losses. Contract tracking software minimizes these risks, reducing the likelihood of costly errors and enabling startups to allocate resources more efficiently.

tracking contract details

Tracking Startup Contract Metrics – What to Track

Tracking your startups sales contract metrics is crucial for the success and scaling of your startup. Contract Sent starts with fundamental data points like start and end date, contract dollar amount and gets into the details.

Keeping tabs on how much liability your business is agreeing to will help you have oversight of your risk profile while knowing your billing terms will help you understand how fast you’ll get paid.

Make keeping track of all of your contract details easy with Contract Sent. We structure your contract details so you don’t have to manually revisit contracts continually.