Work smarter with tasks to track and approve changes


Tasks are an integral part of working in Contract Sent. They allow you to manage and assign not just work but approvals for decision making when commercial decisions need to be made to move a negotiation forwards.

Tasks can also be used for managing contract versions as you move though multiple iterations of your legal work.

Create a task

Tasks are quick and easy to create. With minimal fields and the ability to attach contract versions they are an easy place to build your workflow. Every task is attached to a customer so once you have created a customer to can add a task on to the customer.

management of contracts with tasks

Assign a task

When creating a task or editing a task you can assign the task to a member of your team. This will help everyone understand who is responsible for the task and how they are progressing with it.

Tasks for version management

You are also able to upload contracts onto Tasks. This and their stage tracking and working load tracking functions make them useful for version control of the contracts that you are handling.