SaaS Contract Comparison Tool

Quickly and easily view contract changes between the last version or your base sales contract with our advanced SaaS contract comparison tool.

A SaaS contract comparison tool to speed up your legal turnaround.

Comparing what has changed between contract versions can be difficult. Even with tracking changes in a word document things can get very messy as its not clear what the original document was after so many changes or the comments simple don’t load fast enough as you’re scrolling down. Trying to compare changes between PDF’s? That gets even harder. Contract Sent leverages advanced document comparison to make this easier than ever. Compare, share via a protected URL and even print to PDF with highlighted changes.

Upload your base contracts

Keep copies of your standard MSA, SOW, NDA and other sales contract types as a base to understand not just what changed between latest versions but what changed from the base version.

Select for SaaS Contract Comparison

Have a clear separation of versions and an audit timeline of all actions taken on each. Don’t be restricted to just using word documents, track changes across multiple contract types.

See the changes made

Reduce the load of what you need to go though and focus only on what’s important by toggling between word and style changes. Share privately with others using a secret URL.

Start by understanding which contract you’ll use

Save your base master service agreements, work orders, NDAs and statements of work or import your customers terms and conditions to work on.

Negotiate with your customer on each clause

Work though different versions of the contract as you negotiate to get the deal closed. Compare each version with your original contract.

Come to agreement, compare and sign

Use the comparison tool to highlight all of the changes that have been made to the final clean version of the contract before you sign.

“Contract Sent helped me get an overview of what was happening with legal negotiations”
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Brady Voth

Sales and GTM Global Head

Separate contract deep dives from discussions with decision makers

Don’t let your sales leaders and commercial decision makers get tied up in reviewing redlines line by line. Have your legal team raise commercially sensitive decisions as tasks for approval and speed up the turnaround time of your contracts. Want to dig into the details? Use the SaaS Contract Comparison tool to see everything.

SaaS contract comparison tool

Intellectual Property

Protect what you’ve build

Use our comparison tool to dig into intellectual property clauses and changes that have been made to them. Ensure your company’s IP is safe.

saas contract liability

Contract Liability

Track your contract risk

Understand and track the level of liability that you are agreeing to in each and every contract. Know how to de-risk your contracts.

saas contract termination for convenience

Termination for convenience?

Keep your customers with you

Keep an eye on how and when your customers can churn. It’s a key point to make sure that you can grow your ARR fast.

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