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Equity Prime Mortgages & Contract Sent

Discover how Equity Prime Mortgages saves time on contract review for every mortgage deal and makes their customer experience quick and smooth with Contract Sent.

Equity Prime Mortgages is getting people in homes

With the dream of getting a foot in the door of the housing market for as many people as possible Equity Prime Mortgages are constantly working with families to nail down the best mortgage for them. All that back and forth means changes to contracts and with the clock ticking for being able to secure a mortgage for your dream home the turnaround time of signing suffers from the constant review of contract changes. With Contract Sent’s contract comparison feature things are a lot faster. One click shows everything that’s changed making review minutes instead of hours.

Contract Sent Integrations

What’s next for Equity Prime?

Equity Prime’s focus on getting people into their dream more means more and more contracts.

  1. Using contract comparison share feature
    Equity Prime can leverage the share with private link feature to work with their customers.
  2. Tracking contract details to see trends
    Tracking clauses will help Equity Prime to see trends in their mortgages.
  3. Using the template library to move fast
    There’s a lot of both legal and financial templates for Equity Prime to leverage and grow faster.
  4. Leveraging Adobe Sign integration
    Equity Prime can use our new Adobe Sign integration to send contracts for signing and save in one place.