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Base Contracts, Every SaaS company has its own, standard contracts which, in a perfect world is what every customer would contract on. But, sadly, things aren’t usually that easy when selling into enterprise companies. Customers would like to go through a series of redlines to come to a consensus on what is acceptable and what is not. This means that the agreement that you end up signing often is quite different from your original standard contract template.

My Contract in Contract Sent
  • Base contracts allow you to not just compare your final agreement to the last version of redlines, they allow you to compare the contract that will be sent and signed to what your standard terms and conditions look like. The advantage of this is having a clear understanding of how your signed SaaS contract will deviate from what you would like your agreements to look like. This helps you to understand risk and how often you deviate.
  • Contract Sent has several built in types that you can select from when you are uploading your base contracts, as you can see below.

different contract types for saas companies

You’ll be able to toggle between viewing these different types on your My Contracts page so you can view each type of contract that you have uploaded separately.

  • No, there is no limit to the number of base contracts you can upload.
  • Creating your base contract repository is as simple as uploading your documents, selecting the type of SaaS contract that it is and naming it. We suggest sticking to clear naming conversions.

manage my contract versions

  • Your base contracts can be selected when you create a new customer so you and your team know the base point of contract negotiations and you can compare future updated versions of the contract to this starting point.
  • If you update your base contract it will update on all customers that it is associated with. If you are transitioning to a new base contract that will be used as a starting point for future contract negotiations you can create this as a new base contract.

updating my startup msa

  • Although proper naming conventions should come into play Contract Sent also keeps an audit log of dates showing when versions of base contracts were created.

versions of startup contracts overtime

  • You can upload documents in .doc, .docx and PDF format.
  • You can upload their original document onto your customer record as the base paper that you are starting with instead of your own base.
  • Every time you create a new customer you’ll be able to select if you are using your contracts as a base (our paper) or the customers contract as a base (their paper). Keeping track of this will help you to understand how often you are successfully getting customers to stay on your terms and conditions, a great metric of risk mitigation.

can I use a customers contract for my saas negotiation

  • Your contracts will develop over time inline with your product, offering and the customers that you are servicing. Each new iteration that will be used in customer contract negotiations should be uploaded and stored to keep track of.

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