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AI Contract Management for small business

Get a handle on your sales processes with contract templates, AI contract data extraction and embed your contract management into your sales ecosystem.

AI contract management for small business

Make your contracting process as polished as your sales motion by embedding legal into
your pipeline to get customers up and running faster

contract template library

Library of legal templates to get up and running, share with legal and get selling.

AI contract writing

Have your team select from your contract library and keep things standard as you scale.

AI contract management tool

Use AI to quickly find the exact data you need or grab a quick summary before that meeting.

contract storage software

Integrated with G-Drive to negotiate contracts while keeping them where you want them

esignature tool

Integrated with Adobe sign to send straight for signing. Less tools equals less mess

Contract negotiations in one place

See where all of your contract negotiations sit at any one time. Don’t miss a deal at the end of quarter
because you’re not on top of what legals working on

AI contract management for small business

With roles assigned

Invite your sales, legal and management teams

Simplified approvals

Move faster to turn around and track redlines

Don’t let things slip off the radar

Create a source of truth

One click export of formatted contract data

Contract Data at Fingertips!

Built to bring your legal team in sync with your sales motions and work in your startup’s ecosystem.

Structured Data

Need a data point from your contract? Don’t really want to read 40 pages? We structure your data and push it into Hubspot for when you need it.

Use our ACE AI contract engine to chat with your contracts, get data and summaries on the fly before that important meeting.


Integrate with the tools that you use every day. Hubspot, Adobe Sign, Google Drive and Sharepoint integrations.

contract template library

Compare PDFs and Word documents quickly and easily. Share you comparisons with a secret URL for quick reviews.

Get started with your contracting in minutes with our contract library. Find what you need, share with your lawyer and get to selling faster.


Bring your legal team into your sales cycle. Using tasks and seeing your negotiations as a pipeline gets deals closed faster.

What Sets Us Apart from Competitors?

We are built for startups. Starting at $7/month we take you from templates to closed won.

Accessable Data
Embed Legal in Sales
Work In Your Ecosystem

Get exactly what you need from a contract in seconds instead of reading a 40 page contract.

  • Smart Contract Search: Quickly find specific terms, clauses, and information within your contracts using natural language search.
  • Automated Insights: Get detailed summaries on contract data in seconds to prepare for the upcoming customer meeting.
  • Secure: Run on containerized storage so your contract data is safe and secure.

Access a wide range of both contract templates and financial templates tailored to meet your business needs. Our template library simplifies the creation and management of contracts, ensuring you have the right
document for every situation.

100’s of contracts and financial templates at your finger tips to get you kicked off.

contract template library
contract storage and legal ops

Easily integrate your contracts in Google Drive for streamlined access and organization. Manage your documents directly from your Google Drive, enhancing productivity and ensuring all your important files are in one convenient location.

Get your contract management under control with structured contract hierarchies for customers with multiple contracts and renewals.

Get your contract details surfaced to sales and marketing with our HubSpot integration and get contracts signed faster with our Adobe Sign Integration.

  • Adobe Sign Integration: Sign, and manage your contracts directly within Adobe Sign, ensuring your documents are always signed and you know exactly where the final copy is.
  • HubSpot Integration: Synchronize your contract management with HubSpot to improve your sales and customer relationship processes, making contract handling a seamless part of your workflow.
contract data extraction
contract comparison tool

Compare contract versions side-by-side to ensure you know what you’re signing every time.

  • Side-by-Side Analysis: Quickly spot differences and similarities between contracts with our one click comparison tool.
  • Highlight Key Differences: Important clauses and terms are automatically highlighted for easy review.
  • Customizable View: Adjust the comparison layout to focus on the aspects most important to your needs, making the review process faster and more efficient.

Who is contract sent?

20 years of startup contract negotiation experience

At Contract Sent, we’ve negotiated contracts for software as a service companies for 20 years across USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia and we’ve learned a lot about how legal teams operate in startups. We want to improve that and make the legal function to superstar of the final step of the sales cycle.

Teams that work together

Legal and sales teams are often fighting for different things. Risk reduction against full throttle growth. Contract Sent’s ethos is that these two should work hand in hand.

Automate manual work

Contract negotiation and management creates a lot of manual work. And early stage companies aren’t investing in fixing this. That’s why we start at $7/month.

Empower the people

Leveraging the power of AI to automate tedious tasks is great but legal negotiations and customer relations need the human touch. We just look to leverage AI to do the tasks you hate.

Legal as a sales function

To really supercharge your sales cycle you need all of your sales processes firing together. Contract Sent’s goal is to see legal as a sales function, making a stellar buying experience.

document comparison
legal templates
contract negotiation

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