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Who manages my account?

Managing your account from access to payments is made easy in Contract Sent. We have build an easy to use self serve platform and you can ask for help when you need it!

Who Manages My Account - Contract Sent
  • The user that signs up for Contract Sent will be, as default, the administrator of your account. When you add new users to your account you can mark them as Admin users who will then be able to manage your account.
  • Payment is made easy with our simple upgrade process. Simply navigate to the upgrade page inside Contract Sent, use the buttons at the top of the select whether you’d like Annual or Monthly pricing, click on the tier of pricing you’d like and then screen down and click on the bottom to proceed to payment.
  • Payment is processed with Stripe.
  • If you decide to stop using Contract Sent you can contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get an export of your data to you. This may take a couple of business days. You are also able to export the contracts that you have uploaded to the platform at anytime.

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