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Building SaaS Contract Management For Scale.

After the pain of thousands of hours of contract review we came to the conclusion that we weren’t fans of how a lot of companies run their SaaS contract management processes. Contracts are the true source of data in your business but it’s not easily accessible. We wanted to unlock this data to help startups with building scalable systems early and fast.

Contract Sent is focused on building good data creation into the day-to-day processes of your business. We want to build systems that extract reliable sources of truth data that can then be used to drive the rest of your business. No more garbage in, garbage out.

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Signed Contracts

Signed contracts are the most reliable source of truth in any business. They are the enforceable legal lever that represents everything starting with your revenue.

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Auditable Data

There’s a reason why due diligence spends a lot of time reviewing your legal agreements. They are the most reliable source of information in business.

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Structured Data

Contract Sent looks to build a process for the transfer of your most reliable data into structured data that’s easier to make business decisions with.

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Data that Matters

We aim to have the most valuable and actionable data extracted into a format that you can analyse. Cutting though the noise of anything else.

Build structured data from the start to save time later.

Creating business processes that will give you actionable contract data starts at day one of any business. The further down the road you let this go the harder it will be to reverse course and fix your data.

A Better Approach to SaaS Contract Management - Contract Sent

Legal contracts tend to have several points that can be pivotal to your business success and then a lot of clauses that are just standard sales contract. Knowing what to track cuts down on a lot of noise and that’s exactly the approach we take, focus on the important factors for sales, renewals and risk.

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tracking contract start and end dates

Contract Dates

When they start and end

Keeping track of your customers contract start and end dates are important for your revenue recognition.

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Termination Clauses

When can they terminate?

Can a customer terminate for convenience or just for cause? And what happens if they terminate for convenience?

saas contract refund clauses

Refund Clauses

Do I refund customers?

Refund clauses can be difficult. SaaS companies outlay costs to get customers, refunds can hurt cashflow.

intellectual property in tech contracts

IP Licenses

Who can use your IP?

When you sell licenses to your product you need to understand what customers are licensing and what they can do with it.

annual recurring revenue in saas contracts

Contract ARR

What revenue is recurring?

Tracking how much value in each contract can be recognized as recurring will be important for your growth tracking.

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Service level agreements

It’s important to track the service level agreements that you have in place with customers and track penalties for breach.

Wanting to get started?

Contract Sent will turn your unorganized contract folders into easy to access data with better contract negotiation and communication