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SaaS Contracts are hard, contract management shouldn’t be. Let’s get you up and running with Contract Sent, a contract collaboration tool to turn your contracts into actionable data

Upload your standard company MSA, SOW, NDA and other docs in .pdf, .doc or .docx format.

contract sent add a contract

Invite as many users as you want and set them as sales, legal, commercial decision makers or admins

managing legal team

Create your first customer, give them a use case, contract dates, liability caps and assign it to a sales person and a legal team member

contract management

Add a task to your first customer, tasks can be used to manage work loads, approvals and contract versions

contract management

on your new customer click Go To Tasks > Add Task

Add two documents to your first customer and click on Compare Files. Make sure you’ve selected the correct two documents by selecting the left and right side of the comparison. Simple and easy contract management.

PDF comparison tool
compare two contracts

Now you’re set to raise tasks for your decision makers to sign off on while also being able to drill down to the smallest of changes

document comparison

Getting up and running takes five minutes

Your contract management and legal team management doesn’t have to be difficult. With Contract Sent we aim to have you up and running in the first five minutes.

How to extract contract data
De-Risk Contract With Contract Comparison

Add a contract

Uploading your base contracts is simple and easy with a contract repository.

Matching Revenue Recognition Contract Comparison

Create a customer

Add in your first customer negotiation with details about who they are.

Invite your team

Invite your entire team for no extra cost from sales to legal and everything in between.

Create a task

Assign a task for your legal team and have them assign tasks for approval, simple and easy.

Wanting to get started?

Contract Sent will turn your unorganized contract folders into easy to access data with better contract negotiation and communication