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We got frustrated with legal processes

After a decade of running finance, revenue operations and legal processes in the B2B space we realized two things.

Hours spent reviewing contracts with legal?

contract data extraction
contract management for small business

Legal should raise commercial decisions

If you’re meeting with your legal team as a decision maker and they are reviewing every change with you then there is a lot of wasted time.

contract tracking reports for startups

Sales teams should outline use cases

To review and redline contracts faster and more effectively one of the most useful things you can do is outline customer use cases for contracts.

How to extract data from PDFs

Data shouldn’t be trapped in PDF contracts

Most early stage companies file a contract once it’s been signed. The data gets trapped in PDF’s and may differ from what’s in your CRM.

manage contract negotiations for b2b startups

There should be a structured source of truth

At the end of the day your contracts are the most reliable source of truth. Extracting & structuring this data will make your legal ops a key business driver.

We’ve built enterprise B2B companies from seed to unicorn

The Contract Sent team has built and scaled teams in USA, Europe, UK, Asia and Australia focusing on putting in place legal operations and scaling processes. The biggest learning was to start early and get a legal operations process in place that feeds data back into the business.

Better Legal Processes with Contract Sent

The first twenty customers can be handled manually

When you’re getting started things are all about closing deals. Your first twenty customers are an amazing achievement and just getting those contracts signed is a great start to getting your company off the ground. Your naming convention of ‘final final.V2’ will have worked for now but it’s time to get organized.

Above that your business will struggle with contract data

As you grow you’ll find that unless you’re tracking the data that is trapped in your contracts you’ll start to face growing pains. Understanding when to recognize revenue, having a reminder for early renewal motions or simply building data for your potential investors starts to get difficult. Time to chat with Contract Sent.

Where we implemented contract data



Commissions & Renewals

A source of truth for the contracts won and their ARR dollar values. Drive renewals off the contract end date so you don’t miss revenue recognition.




Once you’ve structured data you can build your cohort analysis & MRR on top of reliable data, not several sources that don’t align with each other.



Reducing Risk

Track how often you deviate from your standard contract and what levels of liability you agree to. Understand when you use your own contract template.

Want to learn more about how to use your data?

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