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Geoffrey Gussis New York Tech Lawyer

From company formation to buying and selling businesses, legal representation for your business. More ->

Andrew S. Bosin SaaS Lawyer

Geoffrey Gussis

Software Attorney and SaaS Lawyer based in New Jersey outside New York City. Also an accomplished entrepreneur. More ->

Robert Donald Tech Attorney

Robert Donald

Results-oriented transactions attorney with business pragmatism built while serving as in-house counsel. More ->

Alex Jarosz tech lawyer

Committed Legal Professional with over a decade of experience in commercial & corporate law. More ->

Alexandre Cheronnet Lawyer

Alexandre Chéronnet

French business lawyer and entrepreneur helping tech startups or agencies to tackle their legal challenges. More ->

Shahed Kader lawyer

Shahed Kader

Shahed Kader is an attorney focused on serving SaaS, Software, eCommerce, and Tech companies. More ->

Kristie Prinz Lawyer

I am a Silicon Valley business contracts lawyer who represents tech and life sciences industry businesses. More ->

Mathew Kerbis the subscription lawyer

Mathew Kerbis

I founded Subscription Attorney LLC, a modern law firm offering legal advice starting at $19.99/month. More ->

eve dery hodnett lawyer

Eve Dery Hodnett

Eve Dery Hodnett has 30 years of in-house and law firm experience in corp. governance. More ->

Yagya Joshi Lawyer

Yagya Joshi

Passionate about tax compliance and legal intricacies, I am a detail-oriented professional with a proven track record.
More ->

Genevieve Cawthorn – Corporate Counsel

Genevieve Cawthorn

A hands on and in-house attorney with experience in fast growing tech, startups, and financial services.
More ->

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