saas contract negotiation and communication

B2B SaaS Contract Negotiation and Communication Made Easy.

Have all of your B2B SaaS contract negotiation and communication sitting in one place. Contract Sent allows you to have a rolling timeline of who is working where so you can ensure that your legal resources are being put in the right place to help your sales team close deals fast

Understand where each of your contracts is sitting during negotiation and redlines

Invite users and collaborators from across your legal, sales and leadership teams. Work on legal documents while keeping everyone up to date with the latest versioning and contract negotiation sticking points. Contract Sent will allow you to see how each contract is progressing and where next steps sit.

Contract Sent sets out customers contract by contract with detailed information on the SaaS contract use case, the issues that are outstanding and the latest contract updates. With clear separation of comments from your sales team, legal team and commercial decision makers confusion of what has been agreed to and what hasn’t won’t keep slowing you down.

Create roles & responsibilities in contract negotiation.

Build a team that communicates

Invite unlimited users at one easy price and set roles for sales, legal and commercial decision makers so you work together on your contract negotiation and communication and keep everything in the same place.

Manage your sales team, legal team and customer contracts all in one place

Keep your conversations and approvals all together so you know what’s going on at the end of your sales pipeline. It’s as easy as inviting your team, adding your contracts and negotiation with your team. Don’t get bogged down in the details.

Manage your contract volume

Understand the volume of contracts that your sales and legal teams are juggling at any one time. Ensure that you have enough legal resources as you scale up your sales efforts. Don’t let the SaaS contracting process become a roadblock to your growth.

Collaborative Tools in Contract Sent.

Contract Tasks

Tasks are a core feature in Contract Sent. You can assign tasks to legal team members when their review is need, to your sales team when customer info is needed or to decision makers to sign off of changes.

Easy Notifications

You have a task assigned to you? You’ll get a notification, simple. Too many notifications slow things down so we’ve kept it easy and simple for you.


For every major contract change you can use the approval of contract tasks to raise changes that need to be approved with the relevant person. This stops decision makers getting bogged down in details.

Unlimited Users

Contract Sent is build for companies that are growing. Costs tend to spiral out of control on per seat pricing, our pricing aligns with your sales growth instead.

Wanting to get started?

Contract Sent will turn your unorganized contract folders into easy to access data.

What to know how to negotiate better?

SaaS contracts are always difficult to negotiate. As a company you’re often having to negotiate with very large enterprise customers who will ask to change so many clauses. When your under pressure it’s important to get what you know out of your negotiations.

Get started with B2B SaaS Contract Negotiations

More often than not small software providers are in positions of limited power when it comes to negotiating software as a service contracts. They are in positions of limited power because the counter party to the negotiation is larger and, generally, the SaaS company really needs to make a deal happen to keep their growth going. This article will lay out some tips and tricks of how to negotiate though this mismatch in strength to find a middle ground for both parties to be happy.

SaaS Contract Negotiation Strategies

So you’ve put your master service agreement in front of a customer and they’ve torn it to shreds? Well, it happens. It happens more than it doesn’t to be honest. If I had a dollar for every enterprise customer that said yes, that’s fine we’ll sign that will no changes I’d be very poor.

How to create contracts for a SaaS startup

Getting started with your first B2B SaaS contract can be an expensive and frustrating process. As a founder the negotiation of the first contracts for customers that you onboard are more often than not a fast and difficult learning curve.

5 Responses To Unlimited Liability

Unlimited liability is a common request in the SaaS contracting negotiation process. Often after going back and forth multiple times over redlines this is where negotiations will get stuck. Large enterprise companies see it as risky to be taking on the services of a small tech company and without knowledge of the security measures and will generally use their weight to push for unlimited liability.