Contract Tracking For StartUps

Your one stop overview of where every single SaaS contract for every single customer sits. Who is responsible for next steps of contract negotiation and who do you need to follow up with.

contract data as a source of truth

Your source of truth

Build structured contract data that will allow you to reliably reference what your customers have signed. Use Contract Sent as your source of truth for referencing customer contracts.

Clear Start & End Dates
Run your customer kick off dates inline with your contract details. Know exactly when you should start and stop recognizing revenue for every customer.

Export Your Data in CSV Format
Quickly and easily access your data in a structured format. Don’t get stuck scrolling though contracts endlessly to find information.

My Contract or Theirs?
Track how many of your deals are negotiated on your base contract and how many have been negotiated starting with your customers contract.

Track Signed Sales Deals By Sales Person
Don’t worry about commission disputes again. Reference your source of truth for what has closed and the annual recurring revenue for each deal.

Keep track of data not PDFs.

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recurring revenue in saas contracts

Track ARR

Separate Recurring Revenue

Track what the recurring revenue part of every contract is, as well as the total contract value. Understand how your recurring base is growing.

Contract tracking for startups

Track Rev Rec Dates

Align Finance with Contracts

Track the start and end dates are in your signed contracts. Don’t get stuck searching amongst ten versions in a folder.

contracting for your saas company

Track Use Cases

Up skill your legal team

Keep your legal team on top of your customers use cases and the data that customers are using in your product when they sign up.

Starting building your contract tracking data stack

Leverage the one true source of truth for your sales team, signed contracts. Create a process that extracts data in the negotiation process and get scaling!

Contract tracking for startups

How contract tracking for startups works

Build a business process that unlocks the data in your signed contracts to use as structured data.

  1. Manage your contract negotiations
    Create customers, negotiate contract clauses and work collaboratively with you legal, sales and leadership team.
  2. Track your contract data as you negotiate
    Use fields on your contract management cards to track start and end dates, liability clauses and a lot more.
  3. Export your contract data in structured spreadsheet format
    Export all of your contract data with one click to use as your structured source of truth.
  4. Build your internal reports off data that’s true
    Use your exported data to create your MRR waterfalls and track your signed, closed ARR.