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Yagya Joshi – Corporate and Commercial Law

Finding a good lawyer to support your startup journey is one of the keys to succeeding. A lot of tech companies drop the ball on their legal agreements and don’t understand the impact that this has until they start to raise a Series A or other round of investment that requires proper due diligence. A good lawyer will help you get on top of this early and save you some pain in the future.

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Passionate about tax compliance and legal intricacies, I am a detail-oriented professional with a proven track record in delivering accurate and high-quality work. My journey has been marked by dynamic experiences in renowned organizations like KPMG, Bharat Kumar Joshi & Associates, and Mehta NAHAR Sharma & Co. Chartered Accountants, where I honed my skills in tax analysis, legal research, and document preparation.

With a solid educational background in International Commercial Law and Company Secretaryship, I bring a comprehensive understanding of commercial, tax, and governance matters. Additionally, my Global Professional Development certification in Entrepreneurial Practice equips me with strategic management and leadership skills, essential for navigating complex corporate landscapes.

At KPMG, I crafted comprehensive legal memos and presentations, elucidating Share Buy-Back Tax Consequences and devising Mitigation Strategies. My experience at Bharat Kumar Joshi & Associates equipped me with a keen eye for meticulous compliance with the Companies Act, 2013. Mehta NAHAR Sharma & Co. Chartered Accountants further enriched my expertise in tax returns, GST compliance, and process optimization.

Throughout my career, I’ve been dedicated to driving efficiency and success within dynamic, culturally diverse teams. My analytical acumen has been pivotal in identifying opportunities for tax savings and optimization, while my collaborative approach has streamlined processes and enhanced client service.

I thrive on challenges and am committed to staying updated with the latest legal and tax regulations. Beyond my professional pursuits, I find fulfillment in volunteering, exploring new cultures through travel, and contributing to sustainability initiatives.