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Genevieve Cawthorn - Corporate Counsel

Genevieve Cawthorn – Corporate Counsel

Finding a good lawyer to support your startup journey is one of the keys to succeeding. A lot of tech companies drop the ball on their legal agreements and don’t understand the impact that this has until they start to raise a Series A or other round of investment that requires proper due diligence. A good lawyer will help you get on top of this early and save you some pain in the future.

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Genevieve Cawthorn – Corporate Counsel

In-house attorney with experience in tech, startups, and financial services. My hands-on and proactive approach has been instrumental in leading change, minimizing risk, and driving growth for organizations ranging from an early-stage startup to a well-established Fortune 500 company.

Genevieve Cawthorn – Corporate Counsel has most recently served as an integral part of the legal team handling various legal matters for a high-growth startup in the fintech space. In this capacity, I served as lead attorney for executing a variety of vendor agreements, including for international operations in Central America and Asia. I also advised on pertinent legal issues and partnered with outside counsel to ensure that the company’s liabilities and risks were mitigated. In addition, some of the highlights of my career include the following achievements:

• Leading the development and execution of vendor agreements for Albert’s fastest-growing financial product with various financial services technology companies and bank partners.
• Negotiating a high-profile $50M agreement with Salesforce in connection with a company-wide implementation of sales management platform at Pacific Life.
• Conducting an analysis of GDPR’s applicability to Pacific Life’s business model.

Genevieve Cawthorn – Corporate Counsel has a proven history of success in handling legal matters, including the negotiation and execution of various types of agreements would make me an invaluable asset to any organization.

If you would like to connect, please contact me via LinkedIn.