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Kristie Prinz – Silicon Valley SaaS

Finding a good lawyer to support your startup journey is one of the keys to succeeding. A lot of tech companies drop the ball on their legal agreements and don’t understand the impact that this has until they start to raise a Series A or other round of investment that requires proper due diligence. A good lawyer will help you get on top of this early and save you some pain in the future.

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Kristie Prinz – Silicon Valley SaaS

I am a Silicon Valley business contracts lawyer who represents tech and life sciences industry businesses, particularly with respect to contracts dealing with complex technologies and IP such as software, SaaS, technology, IT, health technology/digital health, and intellectual property. What sets me apart from other business lawyers is my understanding of technology and the business perspective I bring to complex technology business deals, which was developed over my more than 20 years of practicing law, primarily in Silicon Valley working with technology companies. The focus of my career has been to work with start-ups and mid-market companies as well as engineers, developers, IT service providers and other business people in the tech industry on making sure that the contracts they enter into make technical sense and protect their IP and technology. I have also built a niche supporting outside general counsel who require high-level guidance.

Software Licensing and Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) Agreements
Information Technology (IT”), Hardware, and Hardware-as-a-Service (“HaaS”) Agreements
Technology Patent Licensing Agreements
Technology Transactions
Technology Start-Up and Entrepreneur Counseling
Technology Consulting Agreements
Technology Employment and Severance Agreements
Technology Nondisclosure Agreements and Trade Secret Protection
Life Sciences Patent Licensing Agreements
Medical, Health Care, and Life Sciences Software Licensing and Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) Agreements
Life Sciences Transactions
Health Technology Transactions
Life Sciences Start-Up and Entrepreneur Counseling
Life Sciences Consulting Agreements
Life Sciences Employment and Severance Agreements
Content Licensing Agreements
Internet and Social Media Transactions
Internet Terms of Service and Privacy Policies
Internet Start-Up and Entrepreneur Counseling
Trademark Registration, Licensing, and Enforcement
Copyright Registration, Licensing, and Enforcement

In addition to my legal services, I provide consulting services to lawyers and law firms on technology, software, marketing & advertising, social media, professional development, and public speaking. My consulting services make available to other lawyers and law firms the knowledge and expertise I developed in building my technology practice in Silicon Valley.