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How to speed up my legal operations?



How to speed up my legal operations?

Is the contract sitting with legal? Is it with our legal or their legal? Is legal out for lunchtime drinks? Whatever is happening, if you’re building a B2B sales pipeline you’ve possibly got used to contracting and procurement being the slowest part of your sales cycle. Knowing how to speed up my legal operations is a common question that a lot of founders ask, it looks like low hanging fruit. If something stands out as the longest part of a sales cycle then surely that’s where you should look to find efficiencies, right? Well, yes.

Time from someone discovering your product to becoming a customer is one of the most important metrics for any B2B company. Founders are always posing the question to us “How can I speed up my legal operations?”. It’s a bit of a blind spot for most founders. Mostly because they have better things to do or at least more pressing things. Product or the go to market function are usually more on fire than anything else. But one thing that is clear is that legal operations is a large chuck of the slowdown in your go to market function. And legal is not a standalone function, it’s one that needs to fit in with the actions of the rest of the company. In this post, we look into the rough communication and operational challenges that tech startups run into when trying to speed things up here and how Contract Sent, our contract management software for startups, serves as a tool for treating your legal operations like you treat the rest of your business. Built for scale.

Simplify Legal Challenges for Startups

For startups, navigating the back and forth of legal operations can be a daunting challenge. You get a customer all the way through your sales funnel only to be stuck in the black hole of legal negotiations. This is why we built a tool to address the common frustrations of founders. The most common issue is just that they have no clear view whatsoever of what’s going on with the legal and procurement function. Communication is generally poor and when founders try to get into the weeds of things it usually involves long winded contract walkthroughs and explanations.

Contract Sent’s Overview Dashboard has been built as a powerful one look overview, providing real-time insights that offer a comprehensive view of ongoing legal processes. It’s a super simple way to touch base with where all of your deals are sitting currently, who needs a nudge and what deals you can get over the line by the end of the month.

Strategic Decision-Making Through Legal Metrics

Legal operations is a part of your business that is both data-driven and communication driven. Both need to be working well for decision-making to be turned around as fast as possible so you’re able to close deals faster. Contract Sent’s Metrics Dashboard takes all of the contracts that you have out for negotiation and drops insights into key legal metrics in one place. This gives you a quick and easy view of where your contracts are sitting and where you need to leverage your legal team and sales team resources and time to get things over the line.

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Set Tasks, Negotiate Faster

Streamlining Legal Workflows with Kanban

Legal workflows often face bottlenecks that grind your negotiation progress to a halt. Enter Contract Sent’s Kanban Board, an agile way to manage discussions that simplifies legal operations.

contract negotiation kanban board

Post-Approval Agility: Version Tracking and Task Management

Post-approval, the challenge lies in managing information without letting it get trapped in long form PDFs or Word documents. Contract Sent’s version tracking and task management features unlock post-approval agility, equipping startups with the tools needed to handle legal operations effectively. Explore the strategies of how to speed up legal operations and ensure a streamlined, organized approach to post-approval processes.

Empowering Teams with Advanced Legal Tools

For startups seeking answers on how to speed up legal operations, Contract Sent’s advanced legal comparison tool emerges as a vital solution. While non-legal professionals can engage in the process, collaboration with legal experts is encouraged to ensure precision. Empower users to make harmonious decisions during legal reviews, unlocking a new level of operational excellence.

Task Efficiency Across Teams

Efficient task management serves as the routing of decision making that will accelerate legal redlining, turnaround and operations. Contract Sent’s task management feature ensures workload distribution aligns seamlessly with critical milestones. Delve into the strategies of how to speed up legal operations and orchestrate a harmonious workflow for legal professionals, fostering collaborative efficiency across teams.

Collaborative Engagement: Get Your Whole Team Involved

Collaboration and information sharing is one of the best ways to make things go faster in your startup. Contract Sent recognizes this by offering unlimited user access, strategically priced for startups. This ensures that all team members, whether legal or non-legal, actively participate in legal operations without imposing financial constraints. Quite frankly we hate per user pricing.

Contract Sent is being built as that turns the slowest part of your sales process into a well oiled machine. For those asking how can startups effectively speed up their legal operations? The answer lies in the balancing act of streamlining legal processes that keep checks and balances in place while ensure communication is going back and forth between the multiple groups involved effectively. Incorporate these comprehensive strategies to revolutionize legal operations, paving the way for accelerated growth and success.

Contract Sent is not a law firm, this post and subsequent pages on this website do not constitute or contain legal advice. To understand whether or not the ideas and guidance on the Contract Sent website is applicable to your business, you should consult with a licensed attorney. The use and accessing of any resources contained within the Contract Sent site do not create an attorney-client relationship between the user and Contract Sent.

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