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Creating reports from your SaaS contracts is an important way to build data integrity into your reports. Ultimately your sales contracts are the source of data that will be relied on when you grow. As your business gets bigger you’ll go through due diligence or audits. This is when the hard work you put in to create SaaS contract reports will pay off. By structuring this data you’ll be able to easily report accurately on your recurring revenue.

SaaS Reporting Templates

We’ve build multiple reporting templates to help you create SaaS contract reports, get set up quickly and easily with each of these.

MRR Waterfall Template

MRR, or Monthly Recurring Revenue, is a critical metric for subscription-based businesses, including many tech startups. An MRR Waterfall chart is a visual representation used to understand and track changes in MRR over time. It helps businesses analyze the components that contribute to the growth or decline of MRR.

Here’s a breakdown of common components you might find in an MRR Waterfall chart for a tech startup:

  1. Start MRR: The MRR at the beginning of the period (e.g., month or quarter).
  2. New MRR: Revenue gained from new customers acquired during the period.
  3. Expansion MRR: Additional revenue gained from existing customers through upsells, cross-sells, or additional purchases.
  4. Churn MRR: Revenue lost due to customers canceling or downgrading their subscriptions.
  5. Contraction MRR: Revenue lost due to customers reducing the scope of their subscription (without completely canceling).
  6. Reactivation MRR: Revenue regained from customers who had previously churned but have re-subscribed.
  7. End MRR: The MRR at the end of the period, which becomes the Start MRR for the next period.

The waterfall chart visually depicts these components, allowing readers to see how each factor contributes to the final MRR. This can be instrumental in decision-making processes, as it reveals areas where the company is performing well and where improvements may be needed.

For a tech startup, closely monitoring and understanding the MRR Waterfall can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, product-market fit, and overall business health. It can help in strategic planning, resource allocation, and focusing on activities that drive sustainable growth.