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Better SaaS Contract Management

Make legal negotiations easy, collaborate with legal, track where contract negotiations are and manage your contract data. Faster sales, less manual work

contract management software for saas startup

Create clarity at the end of your sales pipeline


Track software as a service contracts and legal processes with clear milestones, ownership and outputs for all teams involved. Contract Sent gives every team an overview of the legal pipeline, the outstanding tasks, helps to pushes sales to close faster and improves the customer experience.

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Deal desk data for your SaaS contract negotiations


Have overview of every SaaS contract that’s in negotiation. See at a glance where contracts are sitting and who is working on them. Speed up your sales cycle by focusing your legal team where it will help the most

Clear timelines for legal negotiations

Focus on raising commercial decision making tasks

See who is working on all contracts

deal desk for saas companies

Software as a service contract tracking tool


Save clearly named versions for all teams that can be followed. Track and view changes while your legal team itemises clear commercial decisions for you.

Only export and save the final version so you’re not stuck checking documents before a signature

Compare versions of contracts at the click of a button

Discuss and assign tasks to legal, sales and decision makers.

deal desk for saas startups

A contract management tool made for early stage SaaS startups

Have your sales team lay out your use case, have your head of sales make commercial decisions and have the risk of these clearly outlined so you’re not re-reading fifty page contracts.

Have clear communication for use cases that can be outlined in contracts

Set tasks for sales and organisation leaders to stop legal negotiation bottle necks

Know who to talk to about your B2B contracts and when

saas contracts for startups

Get SaaS contracts organized early with pricing that doesn’t hurt

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Legal discussions can blow sales cycles out. Contract Sent helped us move from a three month sales cycle to a two month sales cycle for our enterprise customers. It was a game changer.”