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Technical Co-Founder

About Contract Sent:

Our vision is to make the negotiation process of B2B SaaS contracting easier. We aim to have contract negotiation data and progress tracking in a clear and easy-to-read format for decision makers so that they don’t get stuck with hearing ‘it’s with legal’.

The core value we provide is an understanding that when selling to enterprise customers the contract negotiation process isn’t something that can be automated with AI. Negotiation needs to occur and sales teams, legal teams, and decision-makers are all involved. Being able to manage their work and raise clear decision-making points to leaders in SaaS companies will allow legal teams to work more efficiently, leaders to not get bogged down in details, and ultimately faster sales cycles.

What has been done so far:

  • Building since Dec 2022

  • Built and launched MVP of a product with customer tracking, tasks, users, contract tracking, and comparison via API integration and Stripe payment option for upgrade. Build in PHP Laravel, MySQL, DigitalOcean

  • Built marketing site with product pages, blog, and support site

  • Started building a community of legal practitioners

What you will be doing:

We are looking for a world-class co-founder, with a background or expertise in building project management or document management software at scale.

  • Deep focus on the customer and understanding the way different groups within organizations communicate with each other and how that moves towards an end goal

  • Product-led growth – understanding how to build products that encourage easy onboarding and drive usage with nudges

  • An understanding of building systems that interact with documents – .docx, .doc, .pdf

  • An ethos of building software in iterative processes to quickly test out customer sentiment for features

Who you are:

  • Passion for solving technical problems

  • You love building beautiful software that customers rave about

  • Curious – You’re insanely curious and you’re constantly learning. You want to know everything about our customers, their problems, and their existing solutions.

  • Startup “DNA” – You have a tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity, paired with a bias toward action and proactiveness. You are driven to succeed. You are always coming up with new ideas and thinking about ways to make things better. Bonus points if you know how to prioritize your ideas to focus on ones that will move the needle

  • You want to raise a startup from the ground up and it’s time to take the leap

If this sounds like you, please get in touch with me! You can send an introduction to [email protected]