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Andrew S. Bosin SaaS Lawyer New Jersey Software Attorney

Andrew S. Bosin, Esq. Software Attorney

Finding a good lawyer to support your startup journey is one of the keys to succeeding. A lot of tech companies drop the ball on their legal agreements and don’t understand the impact that this has until they start to raise a Series A or other round of investment that requires proper due diligence. A good lawyer will help you get on top of this early and save you some pain in the future.

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About Andrew

One of the reasons why startups from all over the US hire Andrew is because he understands from his own entrepreneurial experiences the grit, tenacity and perseverance it takes to build a startup.

Unlike most attorneys that spend almost every hour of the work day billing a client for their time Andrew has risked his own time and money and put in thousands of hours of sweat equity in building two SaaS companies from the ground up with partners as the General Counsel.

What Andrew has learned from being an entrepreneur is that there is no substitute for hands on startup experience. This wealth of knowledge that has been gleaned by Andrew is what you get if you hire him to be your company’s Startup Attorney.

If you believe that hiring a lawyer who works for a big law firm will make your startup successful then you are not the right fit for Andrew. Is getting the right legal advice for your startup important? Absolutely, but as an entrepreneur you still need to put the work in have a chance to be successful.

Software Attorney and SaaS Contracts Lawyer located in New Jersey helping startups with Delaware incorporation and drafting founder, advisor and investor shareholder agreements and drafting SaaS contracts and software licensing agreements for cloud and web based startups, vendors, customers and enterprise companies. This includes subscription, Master Service Agreements (MSA) and Data Processing Agreements (DPA), terms of use, terms and conditions, terms of service (TOS) and privacy policy agreements.

Andrew represents startup companies, SaaS vendors, customers, resellers and Delaware Corporations located in Miami, Los Angeles, NYC, Phoenix, Austin, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, San Diego, Denver, Tampa, Raleigh, Orlando, Long Island, San Jose, Houston, Hartford, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Memphis, Kansas City, St.Louis, Jacksonville and Memphis, TN.