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Alex Jarosz tech lawyer

Alex Jarosz, Esq. Dual-qualified lawyer – UK & US

Finding a good lawyer to support your startup journey is one of the keys to succeeding. A lot of tech companies drop the ball on their legal agreements and don’t understand the impact that this has until they start to raise a Series A or other round of investment that requires proper due diligence. A good lawyer will help you get on top of this early and save you some pain in the future.

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Alex Jarosz, Esq. Dual-qualified lawyer – UK & US

Versatile and committed Legal Professional with over a decade of experience in commercial law, corporate law, property law, intellectual property law, and dispute resolution. Demonstrated ability to lead teams effectively, solve complex problems, meet demanding deadlines, and successfully manage priorities to complete vital projects.

Persuasive Dual-Qualified Lawyer possessing strong negotiating skills and a strong ability to handle legal disputes, contracts, terms, policies, and procedures. Articulate communicator with a history of successfully delivering innovative legal and business solutions based on sound and effective strategies.

Alex is currently Legal Director at Fusion Consulting Ltd in London, England.

Fusion is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm that offers end-to-end solutions for private individuals and fast growth businesses. Our portfolio of services have the breadth and depth which give our clients the services that they need to succeed. Our in-house team of highly skilled consultants has a diverse range of expertise, ensuring a joined up approach and seamless client experience. Our expertise spans International Taxation, Company Accounting, Digital Marketing, IT Strategy, Business Advisory and Legal Services We’re here to find you creative solutions to complex problems.