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3 Ways to Market Your Early Stage Startup



3 Ways to Market Your Early Stage Startup - Contract Sent

Here is the best 3 Ways to Market Your Early Stage Startup – Coming up with a new product is easy, but having the right customers to buy your product can be challenging. Marketing is an extremely important function to get up and running for initial startups to grow and attract more customers. When introducing a new commodity in the market, you must build awareness among your target audience. Marketing strategies for your early-stage startup educate potential clients about your newly introduced product/service and encourage them to prefer your goods.

Statistics reveal that out of 1,000 surveyed businesses, 20.8% of startups had a person dedicated to marketing, while 56.9% had a dedicated marketing team.

Benefits of marketing your early-stage startup

Marketing your early-stage startup gives an array of advantages, some of which are;

  • Grows Sales

Instilling marketing strategies in your startup can help you find the right people to buy your product/service. It is an effective way to create awareness of your business among your potential customer base and start building your software as a service sales pipeline. Having a strong pipeline will help weather the storm when your SAAS contracts get struck in procurement.

  • Manages your Reputation

In this super-connected world, having a good reputation can grow your startup quickly. It is difficult to beat the benefits of highlighting your positive image as a marketing asset.

  • Learn the MarketPlace

A core benefit of implementing marketing strategies for your startup is that you will learn about the market you’re serving. It helps you determine how well-established businesses are instilling marketing techniques and who your target audience is.

Three Ways to Market My Startup

Use a fleshed-out MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to get your product into the hands of potential users and ensure a successful product launch. Once you have this MVP you can start getting it into the hands of people by using the given three ways to make your startup visible. Keep in mind that each of these methods requires various levels of startup funding, nothing comes cheap, whether it is time or money.

  • Startup Events

You can market your early-stage startup by attending startup events to learn through top business leaders and share your ideas with other entrepreneurs. The startup events may include pitch competitions, award tours, or business conferences hosted by different stakeholders. Startup events give you a platform to tell people about your product in a face-to-face talk.

Startup events help to make a quick sell. They allow you to enhance your customer base and build more connections. In short, startup events play a key role in determining what directions a startup should take to reach its full potential.

  • Content Writing

The first goal of every startup is to boost its digital and visual presence. The best way to achieve this goal is to use effective content writing techniques to rank Google search results. Studies show that more than 81% of buyers prefer online exploration before making a big purchase. A well-written and optimized piece of content can build awareness of your product. Content writing can give startups a plethora of benefits if done right.

  • Paid Advertising on Google Ads or LinkedIn Ads

You can choose paid advertising on Google or LinkedIn to increase your product’s credibility and prestige. It is an effective and impressive way to build a potential customer base and target the right audience extremely well. Google and LinkedIn can put your prospects in front of the right buyers. Paid advertising can assist you in reaching a wider but tailored target audience, increasing the number of leads, and achieving your revenue goals.

Every startup needs effective marketing strategies to boost its visibility and generate sales. You can use different ways, such as paid advertising, content writing, and startup events, to reach a wider audience and grow your business.

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