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3 Ways to get funding for your MVP startup product



3 Ways to get funding for your MVP startup product - Contract Sent

In this competitive business market, it is not enough anymore to be dedicated and passionate about your startup. You need to research the market, develop new ideas, test your product, advertise it to your target audience, and have a full startup budget to run your startup successfully.

Startup funding helps you gain success in the business world and ensures that your product is putting out the best possible version. You need a budget for your MVP (minimum viable product) startup product to create a buffer between business and personal expenses. It opens the door to a good business startup and sets you off on the right foot.

Benefits of Getting Startup Funding

A survey conducted in 2018 revealed that more than 82% of the startups failed because of cash flow problems. You need funding for your MVP startup product to empower yourself economically. Startup funding can give you exclusive benefits here are some of the benefits you can tap into.

funding for your MVP

Brings Experts on Board

Startup funding helps you bring experts on board. They can offer some useful technical skills to grow your startup. There’s a lot of information out there that shows founding teams of two or more have more success than solo founders. More founders can bring on marketing, sales, and SaaS contract negotiation skills. They tend to always be on the ground to check the progress of your business.

Networks and Linkage

Funding for a startup can attract potential investors who can expose you to the external business market. These investors can help you meet people with brilliant ideas ready to help you grow your business.

Expand a startup internationally

One of the fastest ways to tap into new markets and build a business is to tap into international markets. This can be expensive so often funding is the only way to do it. But it will help you get your business in front of a large number of potential new customers. If you’re branching out into the USA don’t forget to get a startup EIN.

Invest in the best tools for early-stage startups

Tools, even the cheap ones, will start to rack up costs. It’s surprising how much the cost of multiple tools for multiple team members adds up to. But once you get some funding on board you can start to build your tech stack.

Three Ways to Get Funding for Your MVP Startup Product

  • Credit Card Funding for your MVP

Sometimes, the route to running a startup involves strategic debt in the form of credit cards or loans. Getting funds for your MVP startup product through a credit card can be more likely than any other business loan.

Choosing one with a 0% introductory APR is essential, which means you get a free loan as long as you pay off the monthly balance. Beware of high interest rates because once your introductory period is over, you’re more likely to carry a balance with a hefty interest rate.

  • Friends and family

You can get funding for your MVP startup product through investments or loans from your family and friends. Getting funds from family and friends can be a great source of early investment.

Your family and friends can also be your potential investors if you present a clear and professional pitch. Explain your concept to family, friends, and colleagues who are in a position to invest in your startup.

  • Freelancing while Working on your Startup 

Freelancing is an independent and reliable way to get funding for your MVP startup product. You can collect funds while focusing on running your startup successfully. Freelancing opens a new door to work without geographical boundaries and earns some extra amount to invest in your startup.

You need funding to build your MVP startup product and get it to the point where you can research the market, target the right audience, and make your startup visible in search results. You can use different ways, such as freelancing while working on your startup, family, friends, and credit cards, to get funding for your startup and reach its highest potential.

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