Contract Management Software For Startups

Save hours a week on your startups contract management, automate contract tracking, never miss a renewal and close deals faster for your end of month.

  • Track contract negotiations with your negotiation dashboard
  • Track clauses and changes before signing with advance comparisons
  • Assign approvals & manage contract templates with tasks and versioning
  • Simple software at startup prices – starting at $150/month
contract management software for startups
contract tracking and management

Raise contract commercial decisions for approval. Manage your SaaS legal negotiations in one tool

contract comparison and contract management tool

Compare contract versions to your MSA and SOW. See what’s changed and share with a magic link

contract management for small business

See where every contract negotiation sits & the blockers. Speed up your SaaS sales cycle

contract negotiation dashboard
faster legal procurement cycle
Contract Sent - Better Startup Contract Management

Build a repository of your contracts and compare changes

With roles assigned

Invite your sales, legal and management teams

Simplified approvals

Move faster to turn around and track redlines

Don’t let things slip off the radar

Create a source of truth

One click export of formatted contract data


It was a long process to understand that legal teams can’t be a silo in negotiations. They need to work closely with sales to understand use cases, with founders to understand risk tolerance and with finance to get customers invoiced faster and build out contract data as a source of truth for company reporting. They are part of what makes great companies achieve hyper growth, if, and only if, they can work collaboratively.

What we learned before building Contract Sent – The best contract management software for small businesses

From negotiating SaaS enterprise contracts with global companies in USA, Europe, Canada, UK and Australia
contract management software

Making Contract Management Easier

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